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Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

It may seem like wishful thinking to use hypnotherapy as a means of quitting smoking. However, this is an effective method for stopping smoking as used in this article. Stopping smoking can pose a real challenge to active smokers yet this is a dangerous habit that leads to infections like lung cancer. Nevertheless, about 1.1 Billion people are smokers in the world despite most of them being from low and middle-income countries. Hypnotherapy is used for helping the mind not fall into the temptations of going back to smoking by stimulating it. This practice has been in existence since the 1950s. Studies that have been conducted in the past have shown that hypnotherapy is effective in the following ways.
To begin with, smokers gain a different mindset regarding cigarettes. Most of the people who smoke fail to stop because they view smoking as recreation or other encouraging perception. When you listen to the people who smoke, they insist that they love smoking. They may be confusing they cravings with what they like. When a person starts the hypnotherapy, they will be more aware of the dangers posed by smoking and listen to the act of smoking better, where they will find out that they most likely do not like it. Even though one does not quit smoking after realizing how it really is, they may be at a better chance of regulating the cravings and smoking at a lower rate.
Second, hypnotherapy assists an individual to help themselves. It is not true that it is only hypnotherapists who can induce hypnosis. Through guided meditation, one can learn to do hypnosis on their own which is essential in beating addiction. The subconscious can see smoking differently when you repeat certain words. This will help you in abstaining from smoking for a long time.
Lastly, hypnotherapy is a good method to complement other ways of regulating smoking. When combined with these other methods such as taking the nicotine chewing gum or patches. Hypnotherapy is essential in enhancing the effects of these other methods. Hypnotherapy helps the mind overcome the addiction while the other methods assist in reducing the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
Despite the above benefits, hypnosis is still not mandatory for smokers. This is because there can be low effectiveness of this method depending on the patient. For one, this method does not always work for smokers. In most cases, people lack motivation after they quick hypnotherapy sessions. When the person who has quit smoking faces some stressful situations, they get back to smoking easily. This is because during the stressful events, the state of mind, which is the one affected by hypnosis, become weak again.
The second reason why this method may not be effective is that it can be easily overcome by the intense withdrawal symptoms. Even if the smoker gets the right mindset regarding smoking, they can easily fall back into smoking when they experience severe symptoms such as a craving for nicotine. Other symptoms include insomnia, difficulty concentrating, depression, and anxiety. These symptoms can easily overwhelm the work done by hypnotherapy.

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